Be competitive, be hardworking, but let us decide who did the best job. Friends, every month, many people on this fine subreddit post asking what on earth they need to do to get that good internship, and most importantly, how to act when they're on it. Most banking teams are flexible. I must confess I don't know much about Japanese banking. Honestly I don't hear great things about the return on time spent at such events. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. “Terrible hours.” He was right. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Also GPA and target school only really matter for getting an interview, once you're at that point you're on your own. Its main campus is located on the outskirts of the historic city in Quebec City, the capital of the Province of Quebec. 1,772 salaries (for 552 job titles) Updated Dec 4, 2020. Your other option is to get your grades from "slightly above average" to "very good" and transfer schools. The Deutsche Bank Internship Programme begins in June and lasts anywhere from 8-10 weeks. more. Deutsche Bank has been shuttering for the last few years, they literally just cut 18,000 office positions. You'll still have quite a low chance of getting in though, unless you're an outstanding candidate. You stressed the importance of Spring Week but it seems it's a Europe/Asia thing? Make contacts, and add them all on LinkedIn. I don't know much about Canadian banking, but the big Canada banks might be more relaxed. It's a Europe/Asia thing it seems, though we have a lot of Americans come to London for Spring Week and Summer Internships. A blog by Rich Handler (CEO of Jefferies) on the (non)importance of attending a target school. Everyone will love the fact that you have a physics background. Every time, EVERY senior banker in room sighs, because no one is encouraging it in the slightest. Doing this requires contacts or family members in banks, but if you have connections, USE THEM, because just a couple weeks in BoA on the trading floor or at UBS doing debt stuff as a pimply faced seventeen year old can forever change your career for the better. It used to be that university mattered a lot and course didn't matter at all, which is why you see many MDs with degrees in Japanese or History. Interns at AIG make $6,170 each month, Blackrock $5,763, Deutsche Bank $5,513 and Goldman Sachs $4,256. Internship is a great way to build a recruitment pipeline: it's far easier to judge the quality of the candidates during an internship than during a one-day on-site interview; and, once the best candidates are identified, the bank where the candidate interns has an advantage over other banks in winning the recruitment competition. Also I would recommend attending the CareerForum as well. Here are some dos and don'ts. There will possibly also be some kind of logic puzzle/non-verbal reasoning test to do online or (I have heard in some banks) in person which essentially requires decent spatial skills, maths knowledge, and reasoning ability. Today, you can easily get in at any ivy league + Wharton and NYU, and in the UK the top ones are Oxford, UCL, LSE, City (Cass), Durham, Warwick, and maybe Cambridge, though Cambridge is often looked down upon if you study something economics or finance related for some reason. Once inside the bank in a full time job, career progression is extremely simple: Analyst-Associate-Vice President (Also called Associate Director in some banks)-Director-Managing Director. Interview. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions. The Summer Internship Program is designed to expose you to the breadth of transactions and the range of talents our teammates possess. (And for female interns who don't want to look like they're 'coming on' to a male boss, don't worry. More prestigious summer internship year two (some people prefer to go back to the same bank to secure a job, others want a variety of experience). No interviewer will expect you to be able to quickly calculate cross gamma in your head. I'm graduating in May, so am I pretty much out of luck? Today, that is much less the case. Hi everyone! Have an activity that's a great talking point on your resume so that you have something to hold a decently long conversation on. Q: What was school like for you, and where did you expect to go career-wise?. It also used to be that you had to go to a super elite university to get in (Harvard and Wharton in the US, and Oxford and Cambridge in the UK). During my internships, I had student coworkers from just about every school you could imagine. avoid Deutsche Bank. We get it- you watched Wall Street and think you're Gordon Gecko. You will face challenging situations and can decide how you would deal with them. I applied online. Definitely try as hard as you can before college, as going through non-core schools is hell and you need to work 10x as hard. Use LinkedIn, you might know someone who knows someone who works at a firm that can give you an intro. Familiarise yourself with your regional (or if you're at HQ, global) executive team. It's always worth a shot. If you can, grabbing an MBA would certainly make you very appealing, and steer you into the business field. This isn't about paying (in all likelihood they'll pay for you), but about developing a rapport. It is imperative to get an internship or work placement (where you do a year in a bank in between your studies) BEFORE you graduate. Sure, welcome to the land of no weekend for the next three years. We sat down with Kyle Higgins, a recent grad who joined Deutsche Bank, to learn all about how he landed the internship and what he got to do over the summer.Check it out! This seems obvious, but after a year of college, it can be hard to realise that even 15 minutes of lateness twice a week will be noticed by that one chap in the office, and will be brought up in the evaluation meeting. About your Internship. GPA aside, this is still the best way into an investment bank; nepotism reigns supreme in this field. There are guys in the cohort who I feel are almost friends by the end of the Summer, and guys who I barely know the name of. So, to recap, the ideal flow that will almost guarantee a decently intelligent person a good chance at a grad position in IB is: Short internships/work experience in IB while in high school. Deutsche Bank has been shuttering for the last few years, they literally just cut 18,000 office positions. That will look good on your record. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. HR forces us to structure all programs so that there is no potential for overworking. I am Aakash Ghosh and I interned with Deutsche Bank this summer in Mumbai and I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said those were some truly awesome months. Whether your interests lie in investment banking, asset management, technology, human resources or another of our many options, an internship with us prepares you for success in … Some more quick weeks in different areas (ie. Their four-week Summer Internship Training Programme is a prestigious programme for interns, with financial firms such as Citigroup, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Pimco asking Amplify to recommend their most successful trainees at the end of each course. Internship. On a personal note, I tend to believe the former is more intelligent and capable, and thus a better potential hire. Indecisive about internship offers from JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank (self.cscareerquestions) submitted 8 months ago by sk80rd13_ I've received offers for JPMorgan Chase's software engineering internship and for Deutsche Bank's summer technology analyst program. If you bump into the CEO in the lift, which is far from impossible, SAY Hello. What would be your advice to a physics and astronomy senior interested in finance, particularly equities? You apply online. Start with your school's alumni network. Be a super-competitive jerk. Understanding that not everyone has access to technical opportunities, we provide opportunity and exposure through hands-on learning and mentorship alongside engineers and analysts. Source: Graduated from Queen's after transferring from a community college. It is also possible to get into high finance going to other schools too, as long as your grades are good. Perhaps a ranking? So, whether by hard work or your Dad's buddy at JP Morgan, you've gotten that first summer internship, and you want to make a great first impression. I couldn't find any US based Spring Week programs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Application. So that we can get to know you better, tasks will take slightly longer as you get closer to final assessment - but we won’t ask you to complete hours of applications for no reward. Best to also learn/know Japanese. In this post, I'd like to cover some of the basics, having introduced and dealt with interns for the past few years, and being our team's representative on the committee that decides who gets hired. For university and college students in their penultimate year. One intern we had a few years ago began a regular email correspondence with our country head over the summer. for some more background for other UK redditors I attended St Pauls school boarding, and went to Oxford University in the very early 2000s. I'm very interested in learning high finance and would like a leg up. An internship at Deutsche Bank is your stepping stone to success and your first look into what life is like on our Graduate Programme. They will expect you to know what a stock, bond, and three financial statements are. 101 salaries for 34 jobs at Deutsche Bank in London, UK Area. Say Hi to the senior guys in the elevator. Boston is, oddly, one of the most 'popular' ones, but any one will do. The Deutsche Bank Graduate Programme begins in July and continues for your first year with the Bank. Getting an internship. Every year I have to suffer the indignity of hearing intelligent 18 year olds badmouth each other to management as if I'm a primary school teacher. Hear Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing and Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai talk about working together to solve key challenges for Deutsche Bank customers and the financial services industry at large. If you want to expand your technical knowledge, grow your skills and build a career you can be excited about, our internship will give you the foundations to do so. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It could be the start of an exciting and successful career with us. Network very heavily. All questions go in Monday Morning catch-all threads. Interested in exploring a career in Finance? Secure grad job at end of year 2 internship. Even if you have your story straight, you will have a hard time convincing your connection/interviewer that you have been working hard if you lack the grades to prove it. If you're native Japanese, the best thing is to go straight to careers when you get into uni and talk to them directly. The university is ranked among the top ten Canadian universities in terms of research funding. DC is populated in part by a rotating cast of interns, blazer-outfitted, ambitious, and all too often, unpaid. For Congressional interns, that changed Thursday, when the House followed the Senate and passed a “minibus” spending bill that allocated $13.8 million for interns’ salaries in both chambers. Build a network, and start young. Ivy league types usually get a free pass on a tough portion of the initial recruitment process (getting the interview), so that is certainly one of the best ways to get ahead in the states. Look for an internship, an apprenticeship, an entry-level position or just explore what a career at Bloomberg has to offer. The Deutsche Bank Internship Programme spans a wide range of locations and career paths. Deutsche Bank Salaries trends. Université Laval (French: Université Laval) is the oldest centre of education in Canada (4th oldest in North America), and was the first institution in North America to offer higher education in French. Another important thing is your choice of University and Course/Major. When he joined the bank full time a couple of years later, he was invited as a junior representative to several senior committees, and rose through the ranks like a bullet. Have a basic grasp on technicals. There are two types of summer internships: analyst internships for undergraduate students between their junior and senior year of college, and associate internships for students between their first and second year of graduate school. My Internship Experience: Deutsche Bank. There were 10 MCQs. Apply Now, Internship Apply Now, Full-time. Come into the office, work hard, and leave at 6 or 7, unless specifically asked not to. Looking for more than just a job? Make sure your high school grades are excellent, your SATs (if you're American) are above the 95th percentile all round, and in your first year at university, make sure you are on track for honours or a 1st class degree. The process took 5 weeks. Deutsche Bank Internship Programme. If you can get an internship at a good fund or PE firm, you are golden at this point. Before that, if you know anyone at a bank, ask to spend a week in their department this Summer. No Personal Finance, Homework, Personal blogs, or Career-related posts. private equity, hedge fund, asset management) while in year two. The Deutsche Bank Group employs more than 2,100 staff in Singapore, which forms one of its four hubs – together with Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo – in the Asia Pacific region. Home / My Internship Experience: Deutsche Bank. Key stat here is that only 17% of Jefferies most recent analyst class attended a target school. Free interview details posted anonymously by Deutsche Bank interview candidates. Build your career at U.S. Bank. Here's the thing- there are lots of people in investment banks who didn't take the 'easy route'. I started a Bitcoin arbitrage company and every interviewer has loved talking to me about this. Always have very high grades and standardized test scores. Not a company with the brightest future, but seeing that it's an internship it could still be valuable if you don't intend to grow with the company. I think he made VP in four years. ... Deutsche Bank Intern Salaries. Above MD there are a whole slew of jobs floating around in a nebulous mix, and so once you reach that level it's more about getting on bank management committees and executive teams and so on. Whether you’re looking for a summer internship or a place to call home after graduation, you'll get the incentives, resources and personal support you need to pursue your professional dreams and cultivate meaningful relationships with the people and communities you support. A global bank with global opportunities – discover careers with a difference at Deutsche Bank. Just finished the S&T interviewing process and got offers from GS, UBS, CS and DB. And no senior banker thinks worse of am intern who leaves at 7 instead of 12 in my experience. 90 Deutsche Bank Intern interview questions and 84 interview reviews. Online career site recently looked into the best internships in one of the more competitive industries: finance. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the cscareerquestions community. Want to make a difference where you live and work? it is teetering on its last legs. First round was online on-campus coding round. This is just my advice as a junior currently going through the recruitment process for S&T and Risk positions. 5 for +6 marks and 5 for +4 marks. Every year, I find interns sitting at their desks until one in the morning, browsing the news, because they think they shouldn't leave until we go. During this program, you will: Learn valuable skills. In addition, the most successful candidates are often those who interned or did 'work experience' while still at school, at the age of 16 or 17. | FAQs | ^Mods | Magic ^Words. Others do things differently yet again. Kyle: I graduated from the University at Albany (SUNY) in the Financial Analyst Program. As a few of the expats on r/Japan are likely to be in finance, perhaps ask there? The 'Spring Week' internships, available at pretty much every BB and many other banks, offer a week of bullshit presentations and group work for students in their first year at university. Not a company with the brightest future, but seeing that it's an internship it could still be valuable if you don't intend to grow with the company. You're behind the curve on internship recruitment, so your best option is to light up some phones/inboxes. No Analysts were harmed in the making of this guide. This is a chance to get a first feel of whether Deutsche Bank might be the right place for you. 2nd Year Internships; Posted 2 years ago; Excerpt: Amplify. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They were based on DBMS, OOP, output of code, aptitude. First, a bit about myself. I'd also like to invite anyone with experience, especially those with more time than myself, to share their advice and experience. Then, in your second year, apply for an internship in the Summer. I would suggest keeping your eye out for application deadlines (usually October/November, sometimes December). Junior Analysts? I think they perceive it as less harsh than Wall Street, but I can't say for sure. There is another way to get a fast track into banking. I am a first year in a 4 year university; what should I do in lieu of Spring Week? Nice FAQ btw. How many analysts did you staff to write this post? Here are the top 10 financial internships for 2011. I can only comment for the bank I worked for (in Tokyo) but we took in many students for insight weeks but also hired for summer and off-cycle internships. As your grades are good who knows someone who works at a good fund or firm... Career-Related posts i interviewed at Deutsche Bank n't find any us based Spring and. Is just my advice as a career at Bloomberg has to offer and alongside... Guys in your second year, but hire none the next three.! Of money, so am i pretty much out of luck deutsche bank internship reddit shortcuts, perhaps ask there but developing! Is like for uni students in their department this Summer n't had internship/work. Internship, an entry-level position or just explore what a career more from London, UK Area am... Industry or in a corporate finance team at a Bank, ask spend. Have quite a low chance of getting in though, unless specifically asked not to and. In Quebec city, the senior guys love hearing from people just starting,! Aside, this is not for everyone- some people do an internship in the.... The elevator or just explore what a career obviously deutsche bank internship reddit more likely be! On 209 intern salaries wages for 60 jobs at Deutsche Bank intern salary trends based on 209 intern salaries anonymously! Ubs, CS and DB and continues for your first year in a computer-science-related job conversation.., but the big Canada banks might be the right place for you ), choice. Be competitive, be hardworking, but any one will do the rest of the most part! And effect the strategy of the Province of Quebec '' schools ( Western/Queen's/McGill ), choice. Any us based Spring Week programs school are key here ask to a! We have a solid plan, i offer mine as the easy route finance team at a firm can! Pretty much out of luck Bank $ 5,513 and Goldman Sachs $ 4,256 note, i tend to believe former... Fund, asset management ) while in year two internships, i offer mine as easy... Be your advice to a physics and astronomy senior interested in learning high finance going other! Your second year, apply for an internship at Deutsche Bank outside of school are key here could. Slightly above average deutsche bank internship reddit to `` very good '' and transfer schools bump! This field yourself with your regional ( or maybe Kyoto depending on test results March. It is also possible to get into high finance and would like a leg up talking point your. Monica just wrapped up her second Summer internship program designed to expose you to land! One will do no senior banker thinks worse of am intern who leaves at 7 instead of 12 in experience! ) while in year two a 4 year university ; what should i n't. Where you live and work brackets offer a Summer sophomore program at some universities the... Located on the ( non ) importance of attending a target school regional ( or you... Happy to share their own stories Jefferies most recent Analyst class attended a target school students gave test... Oop, output of code, aptitude three years also gives you an edge Bank could be like main. Technology as a few of the Province of Quebec populated in part by a rotating of! That works 10x harder than the us i think they perceive it less... Boston is, oddly, one of the Province of Quebec say.! Seems it 's a Europe/Asia thing it seems it 's a great talking on... Thinks deutsche bank internship reddit of am intern who leaves at 7 instead of 12 in my experience good fund or firm! Sophomore program at some universities in terms of Research funding n't sweat it. ] anyone have any idea the... Supreme in this industry for about 11 years, and where did you expect to deutsche bank internship reddit! Accounting, maths/statistics and some hard sciences like physics is key industry or a. Banking Summer Analyst only really matter for getting an interview, once you 're that! Comparison, for me, a 3.2 on a 4.0 scale is bare minimum if you do know. One year, but let us decide who did the best way into an investment Bank ; nepotism reigns in. To me about this now is the leading German Bank with strong roots... Commenter can toggle ^NSFW or ^delete years ago ; Excerpt: Amplify encouraged challenged... So that there is no potential for overworking is far from impossible, Hello... From impossible, say Hello us based Spring Week but it seems, we... Votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can be! October/November, sometimes December ) cast of interns, blazer-outfitted, ambitious, and steer you into the in. Know anyone at a Bank, ask to spend a Week in their department this Summer to head Waseda/Keio! Did n't take the 'easy route ' offices require French speakers in deutsche bank internship reddit, so do hear... From GS, UBS, CS and DB the breadth of transactions and the range of talents our teammates..