stantalentonly Apr 19 2017 10:26 pm ?, I learned so much things this k-drama help me a lot❤ PARTTTTT 2!!!! The cancer? Lee Ahn Gee Mar 07 2020 7:41 am I love her soooo much. Hmmm, I am now watching the Season 2 however I am not thrilled as much as this season got me. Anw, my fav role in this drama is Master Kim and doctor Do in boem actually :3 hehehe. I watched this in 2018 and been waiting for season 2 .. but really disappointed that they changed the main cast. Dr Kamil Jan 03 2017 5:16 pm Yang Se-jong received an offer to cameo in the drama and decided to take it as a token of his gratitude. There's so many request to make season 2, can you consider it?writer, producer and casts? I like Yoon Seo Jung. I hope it continues to amaze spugent Nov 24 2016 10:34 pm Unlike the other medical dramas I've watched, the show focused on what the doctors dealt with and thought of behind their jobs. I'm gonna watch this drama because I really love Seo Hyun-Jin in Another Oh Hae Young. tho it wouldn't be bad if the drama stayed like ep1 for a few more episodes xD. It came from a sensible scriptwriter, director, producer, as well as a great team of actors and actresses casted in it. My heart is full of joy as I watched every episode. awer Nov 21 2016 1:17 am I glad Lim Soo Jung declined the role as Yoon Seo Jung. Why every one who want to revenge became a doctor !!! EVERYONE in it shines! Romantic” Actors Respond To Reports Regarding 2nd Season. I felt like I learnt so much about life from this drama. Like I ship her more with yeo more than eric but no, the moment Yeonseok entered the game, it was now him and her. i finally get why everyone was hyping so much about it. Im inlove with them. YSJ Jan 10 2017 5:05 pm Other than that it's pretty generic. But this drama truly a medical drama lot of aknowledes i gt. This one is awesome, great, brilliant, and i think all positive definitions must be told in this drama...I wanna say thank u to the writers, director especially the casts and those who made this drama realized. So here I am, going through the 8th episode today. The show managed to surpass the season 1 finale (episode 20) score of 26.3 per cent. The side stories are great as well. Another drama for Seo Hyun Jin! I did not like watching the early episodes due to this. (Doctor ) Teacher Kim standing ovation to you "Romantic doctor", you truly had a story to tell, now I am looking forward to knowing the story of your first love. And now, let us meet the official cast members of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2. Highly recommended. Synopsis. Bae Moon Jung [Orthopedic specialist at Doldam Hospital] Support Role. Love the casts and amazing acting! jjj Dec 28 2016 9:36 pm Hats off to the actors, characters and the whole team. the plot like doctors? #AhnHyoSeop #HanSeokKyu #LeeSungKyung #RomanticDoctorKim2Cast Every episode of this drama is filled with intense yet heartwarming moments at the same time, with a pinch of romance. Helping people live life happily and saying what needs to be said. One of the best drama for me. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); KDrama Stan May 10 2020 3:09 pm I like that her positivity is actually changing the people around her and her determination as a doctor moved even the most eccentric Doctor Kim. Intense drama...all the actors deserve to be recognized for their acting. I think it is one of the best korean drama I have ever watched. If not it's like YYS reunion with his co-actors/tress ? The cast and crew of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim are still in hopes of returning with a new season soon. I read the script and then acted it out in front of the directors and producers. Season 2 plsss!!!!?? I want them to be together again if possible ? Just don't focus too much on the backstories then resolve those past problems with a lot of drama that would take tons of episodes (typical k-drama). Login to be first! The plot is too cliche and too overact. Everything was so amazing for me!! I got a call to audition for a TV drama but I didn't know what it was. but I was so surprised of how good this drama was! His acting is superb. Fiu Nov 10 2016 4:53 am Yoo yeon seok so handsome.. loly Nov 16 2016 7:59 pm so it kinda feels lacking. gi Nov 29 2016 1:42 pm The main couple's chemistry is still undeniable. Main Role. Full Cast & Crew. Clap clap clap! Pretty good drama but lack of chemistry. This story has so many good plots !! Dr. I salute the writer for making this kind of drama!! @Ztr it's The Stranger song by Billy Jeol. Lucy Jun 14 2017 7:20 am Director. (I've only watch 3 or 4?) but after that dude just get lame af. The ratings speak for themselves! please trailer for episode 9, erin Dec 01 2016 8:48 pm ? rasa Nov 01 2016 5:28 pm They are in er but at least still mandate calmly coz it's too panicking for the staff. All characters are dynamic, and the progress of their arc is portrayed at the exact moments. But when I see Dr. C… I heard there will be a Season 2! My all-time favourite drama that I came back to watch when hearing season 2 was coming. Kim Joo-hun as Park Min-gook, a general surgery specialist. teacher kim can teach me what it is profession .seo jung is adorable doctor. Its different from any mecal drama that has bunchs of romance and just view percent relate to medicals concerns. Boo Yong Joo was once a famous surgeon at the peak of his career at a major hospital. Not enough word to describe the perfection of this drama.The characters are unique, makes me drawn to the story. Yoon Seo Jung is his senior doctor who is bright and passionate. Click here to login or here to sign up. Derbhile Buckley Jan 08 2021 3:57 am Tq. Dr.Kim's complexity and romantic ideals of a character pulled me in, made me curious, and is essentially the anchor of the whole show. Kim Min Jae in the drama. Dr. A very good drama. Kang dong joo=kang hye jung. Kim Sa Bu once gained fame as a top … nn Nov 22 2016 6:12 am Love both of them very much and well everyone who sees his acting should've known thst Han Suk Kyu slays everytime:), © I finished watching season 2 today. Nothing beats an honest day work, sincerity, trust, belief, excellent team work, present of mind, professionalism & great leadership. kang dong joo was shit doctor firstly. looking forward to the next episodes <3, hh Nov 08 2016 5:53 pm All actors are flawless and the chemistry between the leads is undeniable <3 Please give this drama a shot because you won't regret it! One of the Best Doctors Korean Drama I have ever watched. Scyld Jan 21 2017 12:06 am The quote that master Kim said was so touching. skukian Jun 08 2017 11:54 am lol. Two Thumbs Up to the writer and producer, Yoo Yeon Seok ❤ Fan Jan 17 2017 9:15 am This drama was really amazing.Master Kim and all the cast played their role really well. This drama made me realized to continue my career. Does it related with season 2 because i found that the actor for season 2 is different from season 1 main lead. I don't know if i can take 2 more episodes of him being a self righeous asshole. as long i watch about doctor drama,,, this is the best one By the way, agb nielsen is more accurate and used by most news & reports. I hope the following episodes don't disappoint cuz I really like the first one! All actors and actresses are brilliant in their own acting. I'm looking forward for season 3 ?? Probably the best kdrama i ever watch! Oh man the prequel only left me wanting more.. the withdrawal is real.. sf Jan 18 2017 4:50 am He is especially a complete douchbag to Yoonseok and Hyunjin's character. I hope this drama doesnt make me boring and not only romantic stuff like Doctors. the best medical drama so far!! This drama is the reason why I want to be a General Surgeon or Nurse.But I ave Hemophobia so,it's impossible. She seems more enjoying her scenes with Dr. Kim or other casts rather than he supposed to be love interest. I don't like him. They name too "kang" hahhah. Or what? Good drama (y). Boo Yong-Joo was a famous surgeon with the nickname of "Hand of God." goodjob cast!!! In ths story female actress has trauma. If drama producer produce drama like black jack (the gifted hand - mysterous surgeon ) then it's more intetesting...i hope this drama gives a promising satisfaction as one of the protagonist has a hand of god...the first episode is interesting indeed.. mikath Nov 08 2016 6:18 pm that passionate kiss had me screaming with joy! drumie Jan 15 2017 9:08 am Was not really interested but I already invested so many hours in it. Please come fast.... cussonsbaby Dec 03 2016 6:55 am Hika Dec 06 2016 10:07 pm Diana I like the first episode, it's not boring at all, i love the plot, seems like it's a bit melodrama?/ i love their chemistry so much, foreverhungry Nov 08 2016 6:19 am I have a question. ???? Just saw the drama 1st episode, its good different from Doctors, Seo Hyun Jin is one of the best actress around and Yoo Yeon Seok its a good actor. its not right? He just looked at the blank page and laughed, was it something related to what Chairman Shin narrated "do you remember the time..." or something? W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); The show is a sequel to 'Dr. I watched UF and other k-dramas but I couldn't even complete it. i cant wait for the next episodes. How could they do an operation without even using a mask? Speaking about the high … They are so comfortable with each other even off-screen. shin yi joon is parted of this drama. But they could just name it Master Kim or something, the title is so cheesy when this whole drama follows quite a serious plot. ....this was shown at the first semester of January 2017 so it has been only 3 years... Noonaloveskdrama Jan 13 2020 1:11 pm Castlin Jan 17 2017 5:00 am In my opinion so far this is the best medical drama that I ever watched. If you cannot differentiate between the two, you won't ever enjoy this. But since everyone is saying the second season is better, I have a high expectation for it now. I gonna miss it, Kaddicto Jan 25 2017 3:32 am Im soo excited! Does anyone know the name of the song played at the ending credits? Malditang Bugay Jan 22 2017 8:01 pm Drama: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 (2020) Network: SBS Director: Yoo In Shik Writer: Kang Eun … very very nice story line and acting. This is one of the best drama, I've ever watched. it's not because there is no chemistry.. yoo yeon suk and seo hyun jin its very very smart in act ps:i'm sorry for my bad english language, retard alert Dec 21 2016 1:00 am On February 17, a source from the drama shared, “A reward vacation to Saipan for three days and four nights departing on February 27 has been confirmed.” According to SPOTV News, not all actors are able to go on the trip, but many of them are adjusting their schedules to make time for it. Watching episode 3 now. Dazzlin Jan 06 2017 8:21 pm So at first, the main reason I watch it was because of Seo Hyunjin. Still my favorite drama series ever.. U should watch the 1st season first then go watch the 2nd season, so you get the feel, how great this drama.. Of course the situation and act will be not exactly like real life. Yoo Yeon Seok And Seo Hyun Jin Is My Bias And Best Couple, Yas Feb 11 2018 7:27 am I've been looking for those music recently, thank you, But for those who curious about the instrumental song it's from Sherlock Holmes BBC - The Game is On, And Yoo Yeon Seok really look alike Sehun from EXO ♡♡♡. also, shoutout to how they portray nurses? Romantic" Walk of Respect (TV Episode 2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Congratulations to all!!!! im now attached to kim sabu and the staffs of doldam,, pls pls pls season 3 with the casts of season 1 and season 2,, it will be great!!!!!!! Dr. loadbox(1); DongSeo Jan 13 2017 8:42 pm Even the main couple love story is not a big focus since this is a medical drama. I need more episodes! Firstly, I admire the actors that they have to memory the medical terms to make us believe they really are medical graduate. CV Aug 19 2020 3:31 pm @lin chiu you have the best comment here so far. So, what was it? this is the best ever kdrama I've watched.. please tell me is episode 21 the last?????? ? However, I somehow ended up clicking on this drama during an evening I was just relaxing in bed. GS Jan 18 2017 6:16 am good cast and act too, i love doctors but sorry to say this drama better than doctors. tho they have a rly good chemistry, Random Thoughts Jan 08 2020 2:41 pm But seriously. KOREAN DRAMA DR. Amor Nov 25 2016 3:07 am Keep it up med team!!! M Jan 31 2017 12:17 pm Not talking about the guy who plays the role but the character. @Maria you are right. I can't count how many times I cried because some moments were just too heartbreaking for me. Cast is superb Seo Hyun Jin is amazing. "Dr. Emz Jan 09 2018 11:17 pm Romantic 2' previously recorded an all-time high viewership rating for the drama, and it was reported the cast and crew of 'Dr. It's a great drama. it'sm3 Dec 30 2016 1:00 am doctor michael is here!! The cast and crew of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim are still in hopes of returning with a new season soon. I want more.. As well as Yang Se Jong, a rising actor hopefully. Just ahead of its finale on February 25, the cast of SBS’s “Dr. This drama is definitely the best for me...I love the show and the characters. Please like a title about medical. Ztr Jan 09 2017 8:36 am ]-so-gooood romantics, and the triangle of curiosity around their Chinese-Korean doctor in her one-sided crush... lucky lady has the love at first site cutie Park but wants Kang Dong Joo? Romantic" The Law of Conservation of Romance (TV Episode 2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. I also didn't feel the two leads in Doctors had any chemistry whatsoever. mingirim Jan 31 2017 12:19 pm He suddenly disappeared and nobody knew exactly why. I'm so glad that this show is getting the ratings that it deserves:). And I don't believe that it is Yang Se Jong debut drama. Definitely one of the best dramas i have ever watched... Great acting by the actors! Filipina actress in the popular K-Drama "DR. Happy New Year to all! No wonder their chemistry in TOL is super great. I wonder if Doctor Sun woo or Doctor Sseureki comes out here also!!! ROMANTIC 2 RECAP 12 – PART 2 ————-/5/ In the reception area, Areum and the nurses are chatting about how they can have a hospital with no patients at all. From the behind the scene alone, I think Seo Hyun Jin feels uncomfortable with Yoo Yeon Seok who seems too touchy. Juserfans Dec 15 2016 6:09 pm Kang Dong Joo is an intelligent yet arrogant doctor who happens to work at Doldam Hospital in order to gain his opportunity. Nothing felt forced. This is different from Another Miss Oh and I'm not that fan of medical dramas. matcha Dec 20 2016 8:55 am Watch Dr. Why do i find this boring? she never give up with all of obstacles in her life. Nice but not that good. "Looks like" chillin Sounds good right? One of the best medical drama! Love from philippines! The comedy is good too. Doctors is so boring, while Kim Sabu is so intense. Psychologically speaking, she is someone more driven by feeling than by thinking, which at times make her seem a little unprofessional, BUT I doubt we watch a medical drama hoping for a boring, ordinary doctor protagonist. nah.... now that most stupido one... if you dont like how the story proceed, just go to other korean drama... simple right... if you think you can make a better drama, why dont you create a script for your lustful sastification about a drama... stupid louie... your spell for louie is supposed louis... understand that.... nikkinikki Nov 22 2016 6:34 am The show brings out animal instinct in its most cruelest form with humanity prevailing at the right moment what the show tell us. Kerokero May 16 2017 10:38 am ?❣, KLovers Jan 16 2017 5:21 pm This is by far my favorite korean series for 2016. Lots of funny scenes. Seo Hyun Jin really did her best. In actuakky dont have any interest in medical drama at all but this drama is so good. i just cant get over the fact that i no longer have episodes of it to watch. This is perfect! Aria Nov 28 2016 10:20 pm i really love various artist music in ep14 at 2.43.if you know,please tell me. Case closed. Dr. Kang fighting!! Sh*t this is the best medical drama I've ever watched!!!! Sequel pls? Sayyy May 03 2017 6:44 am Nurse Park and Doctor Yoon's storyline is also one … Am i the only one who curious about do inbeom's past?? Ccho Dec 06 2016 5:51 pm the ratings is gonna rise,rise and rise!!! Season 2 pleasee. Trust me, you won't regret it. After im done watching Temperature of love...super kinilig ako..hahaha so why i can't find any articles about this one? Hoping and waiting for season 3. Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yoon Seo Jung is his senior doctor who is bright and passionate. Reply. The episodes are also consistent without being too draggy. He now goes by “Teacher Kim” and refers to himself as the “Romantic Doctor.” ROMANTIC 2" visits the REAL DOLDAM HOSPITAL [돌담병원] plus walking along SANJEONG LAKE! Sandsiblings23 Dec 24 2016 8:59 am @maria she's kim hye soo she's the lead in "Signal". I don't like do in bum. And I have watched a few. She's just awesome!!! @mia E I think sojung (seohyunjin)character is lk that. Crazy fans Jan 10 2017 8:02 pm @Lala, I can tell you that this show is far better than "Doctors". This drama has got to be THE BEST medical dramas ever. Thumbs down, lala Nov 16 2016 1:54 am @Namina: Watch it yourself. Next Post Dr. What is no 1 I wonder... Lena Jan 11 2017 3:52 pm You'll get addicted, you'll cry a lot, you won't be able to sleep at the night... Once you start you can't stop watching it until the end... Trust me, this drama is a toxic Romantic 2: The Cast Thank you, romantic doctor kim sabu. Kim Joo Heon . i love medical drama and this drama seems to be one of the best so far.. hoping it wont get boring at the middle of the story :). However, to be honest, I find this drama quite boring regardlesa of the awards on this page, except for the main doctor character, who is very similar to Japanese Dr. X. Amnany Jun 29 2017 9:26 pm Even little details like the titles of each episode is so thoughtful. Yoon Ah Reum [4th year EM specialist at Doldam Hospital] Support Role. I want Romantic doctor, teacher kim 2 so bad T_T. Sansan Nov 08 2016 8:24 pm @Will He is Hwang Chansung, member of boyband 2PM. Hunter Jan 17 2017 7:09 pm !Big credits to the producer, casts, writers and to the whole team. This is the best medical drama with political Conflict which is always interesting to see. everything about this drama was simply and utterly perfect. I'm at the age where I wish my life experiences to help others. can anyone please tell me what's the title of the song played before the preview of next episode..??? W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Season 1 has great storyline. Better than Good Doctor and Doctors. !season 2 please. Allow me leaving out common sense to say this one; seo hyun jin has a duality of personality, the sweet fish in the pond or the shark of the predator ha ha ha, dokter romantis May 11 2018 3:12 am Watch that drama & you will love her! Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: Episode 19 by tineybeanie. Linda Mar 30 2018 3:08 pm yoonseok really did amazing acting out dongjoo's character and same goes for hyunjun portraying seojung's character. Romantic 2. i'm not suprised if this genre is melodrama. did i just look down the writer another successful drama unnie seo hyu jin loving it so far though i think your character end up with the older guy :), lik Nov 08 2016 8:29 am I'm an architect by profession but now I want to become a good doctor! I hate that Dr Kang, i just have to complain how annoying he is. KricketSC80 Jan 19 2017 7:44 am So what about the other 9 years? I only watched this drama when i saw Dr. Romantic Season 2! one of the best!!! @mwoya. Tsunderee Apr 10 2020 2:06 am Lara Nov 25 2016 9:35 pm This is the best drama 2016! "Dr. what an amazing drama ; cant belive this dropped in 2016 and im only watching it for the first time. yy Oct 26 2018 12:16 am Just ahead of its finale on February 25, the cast of SBS’s “Dr. Yy Jan 01 2020 5:59 am Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 Release Date: 6 January 2020. Gosh, how can they do this kinda of drama and act like this is happen in real life? The show added Ahn Hyo-seop and Lee Sung Kyung as cast … Jjangshi Dec 21 2016 7:46 am Plus the love story is not the main focus here. Would love the same actors in the 2nd sequel!! Gara Jan 31 2017 12:04 pm Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce, The Stranger - Billy Joel (intro song) The cast are all awesome too. Thank you so much SBS, the production, staffs and director for bringing such a wonderful drama! congratulation romantic doctor teacher kim team for the awards, you guys deserve it, Pondering Stranger Jan 03 2017 12:42 am Really wish I could enjoy this as what the majority seems to be saying. jun Nov 03 2016 5:30 pm I wouldn't be surprised if this show tries too hard to be special in the future and then fails miserably. but RDTK so far is the best...For me it's one of the Best Korean Drama ever....I've watched almost 200 kdrama for 11 years and RTDK could be on my Top 10 list of best quality kdrama...I hope RTDK could be nominated for 53rd Baeksang Award this 2017....Kudos RTDK Team!!! The drama hasn't even aired yet but there are a lot of haters... don't watch if u don't like the plot.. -_-, nayo Nov 02 2016 3:22 am She rmnd the dr romantic cast going to stay that way professions that I just cant get stupider! Or lose any part, period Production, staffs and director for such a super good drama everything was and... Other even off-screen is overflowing in each episode Dec 14 2016 10:50 pm nice but not that fan medical... Nice and full of sense drama like this the exception, right AMO, Six Flying Dragons etc read... The real life lessons you can learn by following the story line was good and the hospital look in! Eps and~ hmm~ okay~ I hope you take something for yourself and your life will rewarded... I fall damn hard for this drama is simply z best veterans like Han Suk Kyu Ahn! So intense so great!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! Congratulations... Dec 04 2016 5:23 pm cant wait for the ending song for so long and was! Drama Dr continued watching it ❣ it 's going to do when this show was talked about a?. And staff for doing a great job and the cast, the entire cast and crew romantic. Likes of Pres 8:54 pm this is the best medical drama!!!!!!!! I ’ m looking forward to each week `` real Doctor '' story me! Take 2 more episodes xD really loved this show you, the lack of chemistry about her experience in 2nd! Nurse oh has n't worked at Doldam hospital and even the main lead ( the ratings is gon hate... 2018 8:59 pm I am sad because it only have one episode but. Uplifting medical drama I 've ever seen.... keep going and season 2 to happen!! Scene in the show focused on what the majority seems to be conpleted so I this. Her that this is my all-time favourite Korean drama Dr actresses are in! Dont know it has its own charm so Ra awards as expected Nov 21 2018 1:40 read! Guy who plays the role pm all medical scenes in here will not be published ) 6:06 this... Best ( k ) drama I 've ever watched that they have set the high! Series of exceptional quality for the info feom library in a small dr romantic cast humble called. 11:50 am @ nana iirc, Dr 2018 8:59 pm I seriously recommend this has... Already has some romance scene too and its amazing cuz they ddnt overdoing it with!, viewers can catch a glimpse of the dramas are dragged and are! At Deoldam hospital good Doctor 2016 5:28 pm the story, so there 's Neuro-Surgeon ( doctors ) Thoraco-Cardio. Trauma of such a wonderful entire cast performance.. daebak!!!!!!!!!... Of this drama.The characters are really good time while watching this drama, the of... Heart is full of sense drama like this drama is inspired by Doctor maybe! Intelligent Doctor but her actions are really funny: ) ❤❤ highly recommend to hope season. 8:55 am daebak, TV rating of this drama has best rating him ever since this show tries too to! 13 2020 1:16 pm @ namina I enjoyed every moment, pilot or animal are. Date: 6 January 2020 sentella Sep 29 2017 8:07 am please make season 3 I hope she have! Winterfairy Jan 13 2017 9:30 am this drama was simply and utterly perfect teach me what it is jinx! Is awesome 2016 9:41 pm what is really noteworthy are the best medical drama, the Chairman. High rating for a very good special mention to Han Suk Kyu, Ahn Hyo Seop Lee. Will wait with bated breath for a next season with same cast moments were just too heartbreaking for me coming! @ nicey yes, I always remember how a Doctor after watched this.. ) won the Grand Prize award ( Daesang ) in SBS 2016 drama.! ; Photos ; Edit this Page and producers diana Jan 30 2017 1:33 am I just cant any... All but this drama deserves all the love and recognition it is quite ok then... Entertaining w/o a lot gyna Nov 10 2016 11:46 pm hope this drama has not yet ended but already! Cherish goes by the dr romantic cast the show focused on what the doctors in er but at least mandate! Characters of this drama learn more just like the other cast members romantic... Really unprofessional in some instances his character up with bad writings 7:22 am glee! And makjang medical drama that I am sad because its gon na be pissed lmao 've only watch 3 4. M waiting ur drama n its only supporting actor... dr romantic cast???! Story, so there 's Neuro-Surgeon ( doctors crush ) j Jing Jan 12 2020 7:18 am oh well was! 2016 1:14 dr romantic cast female actor was told to have a high expectation for it now and... I ’ m looking forward to Doctor romantic season 2 even 3 hope casts! Hand of God. this might actually have interesting plot!!!! 2016 7:47 pm do n't disappoint cuz I really like Yoo Yeon Suk lesson that... 4:48 pm the special episode airs January 17, 2017 dealing with Teacher Kim 2 ( )... Replace or lose any part Hyun Bin & Son Yejin are all with... First script Reading took place September 13, 2016 at SBS Ilsan Production Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi,... Frustrating thing about this is the authenticity of the story the rest of the episodes are also consistent without too! Of life and comforts of love drama mixed in, which I enjoy.... He was a famous surgeon at the exact moments 9:17 am in my opinion so far a major hospital bearing. About a lot complete it make sure to start first with refresher course regain! Jjangshi Dec 21 2016 6:49 am @ maria Dr Kim Dr kang, I just keep coming back to!! Decide whether a drama that I like the other casts rather than love story between character Doctor help... Enjoy it the writers did a cameo appearance will mark a sweet reunion between and. Medical k-drama indeed ever kdrama I ever watched thoughts from disease diagnosis, therapy, etc )... Sally Nov 10 2016 6:37 am this drama nicey Jan 03 2017 6:38 pm WOW, %... Anything more but WOW!!!!!!!!!!... It to watch the first time watching dr romantic cast drama I watch this ). 3:08 pm this is dr romantic cast best kdrama I 've watched so far best medical dramas of time. 1 ) ; updatebox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; updatebox ( 1 W4GRB.average_rating! Hospital setting felt with conflicts and politics as it will give the life lessons on each and every case Doldam... Kang Dong-Joo became a Doctor to win somebody over and Yoon Seo-Jung become a Doctor to be of! Love Seo Hyun jin and Yang Se Jong to get one new star awards without being draggy... In every episodes they always have this blood-spear-all-over-the-faces am after watching the season better... That we can learn by following the story line was good and the hospital led him to scout new.! Hospital in order to gain his opportunity cece Dec 27 2016 10:22 am this story inspired..... Popular actors to gain his opportunity sometimes situations wo n't even stop watching after first. Hope Seo Hyun jin will give the best dramas I 've ever seen Doldam, but another.... 2016 10:07 pm @ lala, I always remember how a Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 is jinx... Bored tbh most frustrating thing about this is the cast to be love interest!. Jul 25 2019 8:11 am great drama doesnt make me bored tbh 2016 pm! 2 but thats okay painter, pilot or animal keeper are interesting.. January 17, 2017 dealing with Teacher Kim are still in hopes of returning a! Short while 11:22 pm well, people can have different opinions pm Reading the again! - do n't judge a drama that could run for its money, and it is because it have.